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Roberson's Lawn Care

General Lawn Management

Roberson's can transform your property into  a functional, unique and attractive landscape. We have dedicated, knowledgeable and certified personnel with the experience and ability to install the landscape elements needed to provide that inviting first impression. We also have the right equipment to do the job efficiently!  We will be there when promised and treat you with the courtesy you should expect from a professional. 


- Mowing & Weed-Eating Trim

- Turf Renovation & Fertilization
- Sodding & Seeding

Turf Maintenance & Renovation

Turf maintenance requires the right chemicals applied at the right time. It may also involve rotation, spraying bi-annually or quarterly. 

Turf Renovation is the process of aeration or dethatching as needed.

We can build a custom program to fit your needs!

Autumn Leaf Removal

We offer a total yard clean-up in the fall. 

The  clean-up includes the following: we will blow all leaves out of bushes, under decks, around trees, and put them into an open area to be mowed. They will then be mulched up by a mower into  small particles and picked up by a deck-mounted  vacuum attachment which removes clippings/leaves and blows them into a storage hopper.  All clippings/leaves will be hauled away after service is completed.


We carry mulch in chocolate, red and certified play cushion variations. Mulch is sold per cubic yard at competitive prices!

Driveway Stone / Decorative Gravel

We offer driveway stone in many forms such as ABC, #57, #78 and pea gravel. Decorative rock such as Cane River Gravel and larger granite stone are available upon request.

Sand / Topsoil

Whether you need sand to fill in some low spots, or you need to replenish your flower beds with new top soil, we can handle the job for you.