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*Please allow time for delivery of the premanufactured items, and for favorable weather conditions necessary for installation.



Safe Houses and Storm Shelters


We build and install in home safe rooms, panic rooms, and below ground shelters to protect your family from everything from intruders, severe weather and other extreme events.


These rooms can be just large enough to gather your family until a tornado passes by, or large enough to live in during an extreme long-term emergency.


There are all kinds of premanufactured products* on the market today that we can install for you. We also do custom design and builds. You can choose from under ground or above ground, and from various materials:


- Steel

- Fiberglass
- Concrete



Example of an above ground safe room
coordinated with the construction of an
ordinary home.



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NC Landscaper Contractor #1779

Family shown sitting inside an
underground fiberglass storm shelter.

Installation of the Fiberglass storm shelter. This is an underground steel shelter for
extreme conditions of all sorts.


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